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February 28, 2016

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Obadiah is 18 months old

November 15, 2013

Go figure.  Time flies.

November2013 029 November2013 034 November2013 012

Here’s our trick or treat picture.

November2013 023


Kalvary did a project for school.  She had to make something that had to do with Native Americans or something that Native Americans used.  I gave her some ideas and technical support, but she did it all by herself.



Korban is three…among other things

August 29, 2013

So, here’s what’s been happening around the Freeds the last while. In July, the kids and I went to visit my parents in Indiana and my sister and her daughter came too. It was supposed to be a grand time. It turned out very differently. One of the main downers was that Obadiah tripped by our campfire and burned his hands in the coals. There are a few picture of bandages at different stages below. By now they are healing really well. No more bandages and no more doctor visits. Thank you, Jesus! Then last week school started, but the day before school started I got my gall bladder taken out. It made for a very interesting week of trying to get the kids too and from school…much less ready for school. Thankfully, people stepped in and I think we’ve had a great start. Also, I am feeling really well, though a bit tired. Then this week Korban turned 3. He is so expressive and just loved everything about having a birthday. He was so excited about every gift to matter what it was. We love him and the silliness that he brings to our lives. 🙂  (sorry for the crazy order of the pictures)

IMG_4146 Freeds to school 010 Freeds to school 025 Freeds to school 027 IMAG0331 IMAG0359 Aug2013 001 Aug2013 012 Aug2013 010 Aug2013 021 Aug2013 004

Two girls and their birthdays

July 18, 2013

May 23 2013 003 May 23 2013 011 May 23 2013 013 June 2013 030 IMAG0272 IMAG0290 July 2013 003


So, Glory turned 7 in May…that’s been a while ago now…  She is starting to read really well and still loves to tell stories and imagine things.  Kalvary turned 9 in June.  9!?  So crazy to have a 9 year old!  She loves to read and likes to help take care of her little brothers and actually likes to clean sometimes too.  That last picture of Obie is just for fun.  We find him in places like that all the time.  So cute…

Obadiah is 1

May 15, 2013

2013-05-12 13.47.06 2013-05-12 13.48.42 2013-05-12 14.00.33 2013-05-12 14.01.51 2013-05-12 14.03.02 2013-05-12 14.04.53 mid May 2013 039 mid May 2013 047 mid May 2013 053


A hodgepodge of pictures from his official party on Sunday to his actual birthday today.  We sure do love this little boy who is taking steps, cutting molars, and just so cute.  🙂

Malachi is 5…can you believe it?!

April 29, 2013




Malachi 5th birthday 024


Our oldest son can now prepare for Kindergarten in the fall.  It’s a little hard to believe.  He’s a pickle.  Very picky about almost anything.  He plays really well with his sister Glory.  They tell all kinds of interesting stories together.  He got a bike for his birthday, but so far refuses to even try to ride it…that’s Malachi…  We love him anyway.  🙂


Malachi 5th birthday 003


Malachi 5th birthday 007


Malachi 5th birthday 014


Here are a few more pictures just for fun.  🙂



Malachi 5th birthday 039


Malachi 5th birthday 035

Obadiah is 11 months old

April 15, 2013




beginning of April 2013 006 beginning of April 2013 012 beginning of April 2013 013 beginning of April 2013 021


We cut Obadiah’s hair last week for the first time and now he’s a little buzzed blondie.  He’s about to take his first steps.  We love him to pieces.

Catching up

March 15, 2013







ImageSo last month, I forgot to post pictures of Obadiah at 9 months old.  That’s the first picture.  At the beginning of March, Kalvary was is the London High School musical Oklahoma!  She was just a “town’s child” but she learned a lot and loved being on stage.  That’s all of the flowers that she got from being in the performance.  Then we get to Obadiah at 10 months old.  She is such a smiley boy and cute and cuddly.  Did you see the picture with all of his teeth?!  He’s cruising around furniture and, if he’s like our other kids, he will be walking in the next month or so.  We sure do love our little Obie! 


Obadiah Benjamin is 8 months old

January 19, 2013

ImageOur little guy is 8 months old now.  He’s always so happy.  We all just think he’s the cutest.  He’s starting to crawl which is fun to watch and cheer.  He has 5 teeth with 3 more coming.  He crows and blows raspberries a lot.  He brings us lots of smiles when life gets a little down.  We all just love him so much.


Our Family Christmas and a 7 Month Old

December 16, 2012

our xmas 2012 011 our xmas 2012 013 our xmas 2012 014 our xmas 2012 022 our xmas 2012 034 our xmas 2012 038 our xmas 2012 048 our xmas 2012 049

We had our own little Christmas this Saturday because we are going to be busy and/or travelling by next weekend and the kids still have school all this week.  I selected my favorite pictures of each child and threw in some extras of our 7 month old.  He’s starting to get up on his hands and knees and think about crawling.  He’s sitting on his own and he has four teeth.  He is also dearly loved by us all.  The other day Kalvary told me that he is the cutest baby.  🙂